The storm of egg shortage has expanded, and most stores of 7-ELEVEN, Family Mart, Laierfu, OK, and Meilianshe have stopped selling tea eggs.

(Photo by reporter Yang Yamin)

[Reporter Yang Yamin/Taipei Report] The storm of egg shortage has expanded and has spread to chain stores and supermarkets. 7-ELEVEN, Family Mart, Laierfu, OK, and Meilianshe have stopped selling tea eggs and boiled tea eggs in most stores today. The pots are all empty, and it is posted that "today's tea eggs are sold out".

Affected by the shortage of eggs and the sharp rise in egg prices, chain supermarkets have not increased the price of freshly boiled tea eggs for 8 years. Last year, they raised the price from 10 yuan per egg to 13 yuan, an increase of 30%.

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In order to give back to consumers, FamilyMart offered to buy the second tea egg for 10 yuan from March 8 to April 4, which is equivalent to buying 2 eggs and 1 egg for only 11.5 yuan.

The advertising banner outside the 7-ELEVEN store said that from January 25th to April 18th, one tea egg was 10 yuan; Meilian Society called out 2 tea eggs for 17 yuan, with an average of 8.5 yuan per piece, which was The cheapest tea eggs in Taiwan's chain stores.

However, a "Buddha Heart Price" freshly boiled tea egg under 10 yuan is increasing due to the egg shortage storm, and the price of eggs has risen sharply after the Lunar New Year.

Supermarket chain operators said that the shortage of eggs began after the Lunar New Year, and it has become more scarce recently. This is not due to the surge in consumer demand, but the decrease in supply. Recently, even supermarkets have been unable to get eggs, and the procurement is busy every day to transfer eggs to suppliers. , the lack of eggs, plus the material package and labor costs for cooking tea eggs, the electricity price will increase again in April, and now selling tea eggs is about to lose money.

The industry said that the cost of eggs has risen, and the industry can absorb it by itself or pass it on to consumers, but now they can’t get eggs, and they don’t even have the opportunity to absorb it or pass it on to consumers. As a last resort, most stores can only temporarily suspend the sale of tea egg.

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