In the 13 years since his debut, Kumamon has achieved sales of 1.3 trillion yen.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Kumamon, the mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, is quite popular not only in Japan, but also overseas. According to statistics from the Kumamoto Prefecture Government, after Kumamoto debuted in 2010, the sales of related products At present, it has reached 1.3 trillion yen (approximately NT$306 billion). Compared with local mascots in Japan, it has demonstrated first-tier strength.

"Nikkei Chinese Network" reported that Kumamon debuted in March 2010. At first, the promotion was centered on the Kansai region, and then actively used TV and social media to promote it, which became a hot topic. The move to license the image of Kumamon for free also It was a great success, which led to a steady increase in sales of related products.

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According to statistics from the Kumamoto Prefecture government, as of the end of 2021, the sales of products using the image of Kumamon bears reached 1.1341 trillion yen (approximately NT$266.9 billion), and it is estimated that it has now exceeded 1.3 trillion yen.

The Kumamoto prefectural government also hopes to use the high popularity of Kumamon to attract tourists and business investment.

Section Chief Waki ​​Toshiya of the Kumamoto Prefectural Government said that the goal is to make the entire county a place full of Kumamon charm, thereby attracting businesses and tourists from all over the world.

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