The government issued a general distribution of 6,000 yuan, and Nanshi took the lead in providing convenient services for the people. The district office and household registration office will have special personnel to assist in registration services from March 22.

(Provided by Nannan Civil Affairs Bureau)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] In order to avoid the online registration congestion of the general distribution of 6,000 yuan for all citizens, the Digital Development Department launched the general distribution cash application and registration system early. The Tainan City Government took the lead in providing convenient services nationwide. The 37 district offices and household registration offices A single-window project counter has been opened, and since March 22, dedicated personnel will assist the public to register online, making it safer, more secure, and more convenient for the public, and 6,000 yuan can be easily pocketed.

The government issued a general distribution of 6,000 yuan, and Nanshi took the lead in launching the registration service at the special counters of district offices and household offices.

(Provided by Nannan Civil Affairs Bureau)

 Mayor Huang Weizhe said that the use of mobile phones and computers is popular, and the exclusive website design is also simple and clear. However, for some elderly people, using 3C products is still a big obstacle that is difficult to overcome. People of age, ethnicity, and whether they have 3C products can enjoy safe and convenient registration services, allowing the whole people to share economic achievements and feel the warm care of the government.

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 Wu Shengzhi, president of the Nanshi Mayors Association, said that the city government has introduced such a policy with heart and caring to help the neighborhood leaders provide correct information to the public, and also make the general public distribution work more smoothly.

 Jiang Linhuang, director of Nannan Civil Affairs Bureau, said that in order to help reduce people’s exposure to fraud, all district offices and household registration offices are specially requested to use official websites, Facebook, neighborhood systems and other channels to provide multiple correct information and widely promote it. The policy of special counters is convenient for the people. Starting from March 22, people can bring their ID cards, health insurance cards, and frequently-used financial passbooks for their accounts to various district offices and household registration offices during working hours, and special personnel can assist in registration and application.

 It is understood that the Ministry of Digital Development's planning exclusive website "" will provide pre-registration services from 8:00 am on March 22. People only need to fill in the necessary information on the Internet through mobile phones, tablets or computers. Card machine, no need to insert a card, and after the subsequent registration information is verified by the system, 6,000 yuan can be automatically credited to the designated personal financial account.

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