Zoom suddenly fired its president, Greg Tomb, for no reason.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] According to regulatory documents, the video conferencing software company Zoom fired its president Greg Tomb without reason. The spokesperson also stated that the company does not plan to find a successor and declined further comment.

According to comprehensive media reports, regulatory documents show that Zoom will give Greg Tomb severance pay based on the "termination without cause" employment option.

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Greg Tomb was originally a former Google executive who only joined Zoom in June last year. During his short-term tenure, he will attend the company's earnings conference call, supervise the company's sales business, and then report directly to CEO Eric Yuan.

According to documents from June last year, in addition to a base salary of US$400,000 (NT$12.22 million) and an 8% target bonus, Greg Tomb will also receive shares worth US$45 million (NT$1.37 billion), which will be held at Issued within 4 years.

Zoom’s stock price rose $1.01, or 1.45%, to close at $70.63 on Thursday (2nd).

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