Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra.

In recent years, the Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra has continuously tried various cross-border and cross-field multiple routes of development, making the Chinese music more in line with the trend of the times and integrating more modern art and technology elements. The 3/18 "Yage Phantom" concert will invite three Gold winner Ke Zhihao served as the producer, and invited another golden song winner Cao Yawen to perform with the Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra conducted by Qiu Yanhang, and joined the "Three Animals Performance" for cross-field cooperation, three excellent music groups with different textures , trying to find a new music style between Chinese music and electronic music in the beautiful singing, and hope that both old and new Chinese music lovers will like the unique style of the new concert.

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Three animals perform electronic music performances.

In order to allow music performances in three different fields, producer Ke Zhihao also arranged different layouts and frameworks in the selection of songs to show the home court advantages of each subject: for example, Mr. Xie Huiru's "Impression Yuanming", Mr. Zhu Yunsong's "Fever E Generation"... etc. Ms. Cao Yawen will also sing the songs of the latest album "The Knife of Vegetables", "Water Gate No. 13" and her hot gold award-winning song "Salty Sword", which is even more rare. We will sing popular songs in Chinese and Taiwanese in the 1980s, such as: "That Night You Drank Wine", "Life in the Sea"... In particular, the works of Taiwan's national treasure poet Li Linqiu: "Wang Chunfeng", "A Red Egg", "Fix the Broken Net"... and other unique and precious repertoires were selected in this concert. Yawen sang with her unique interpretation of the voice, and listened to these familiar classic Taiwanese old songs together with music fans. Song.

Cao Yawen.

It is also worth mentioning that joining the electronic music team "Three Animals Show" will bring "Fish Offering", "Xiaofa Yingshen", and "Mu Zha Jin Zha" will play a balanced arrangement and visual design for the whole show, creating a perfect backdrop for Chinese music and pop songs. Bringing a layer of electronic music and folk customs, I hope to explore a new music landscape with everyone.

Through this concert, music fans will also get to know the "Three Animals Showcase" group of the electronic music genre. They are a long-term electronic music cross-border project that implements the collection of terroir and mixes and integrates electronic music and Taiwanese temple music elements. A new form of electronic music performance group; initiated by Ke Zhihao, with music created by Ke Zhihao as the main axis, in addition to conveying concepts from works and live performances, plus two other heavyweight electronic music producers in the music circle Zheng It is an art team composed of each Jun and Huang Kaiyu, together with the visual artist Qiu Zhiqun.

Producer Ke Zhihao.

Three-gold producers Ke Zhihao and Cao Yawen (Golden Melody Best Taiwanese Female Singer Award, Best Taiwanese Album Award), together with the Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra conducted by Qiu Yangang, use the axis of one song and one story to form a sound and light show The chapter of the golden song with ever-changing images, music fans and friends are welcome to listen to Yawen sing together!

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◆Video: "Yage Phantom" Cao Yawen and Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra Concert CF

3/18 "Phantom of the Song of Songs" Cao Yawen & Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra

3/18 (Sat) 19:30 Cultural Center Zhidetang

Producer | Ke Zhihao



|Qiu Zhiqun

◆Repertoire ◆

Offering Fish,





Music Tour, Taiwan,








Li Linqiu Taiwanese Suite - "Wang Chunfeng" / "A Red Egg" / "Fill the Net"

Tickets: https://reurl.cc/pZjYjZ

◆Important resume of the performer◆

[Conductor-Qiu Yangang]

is currently the stage manager of the Taipei Chinese Orchestra and the conductor of the Youth Chinese Orchestra attached to the Taipei Chinese Orchestra.

[Cao Yawen]

Best Taiwanese Female Singer at the 28th Golden Melody Awards in 2017 Best

Arranger, Best Taiwanese Female Singer, and Best Taiwanese Album at the 32nd Golden Melody Awards in 2021

[Ke Zhihao]

Taiwanese musician, won the Taiwan Golden Melody Award for Best Hakka Album, Golden Bell Award for Best Sound Effects, Golden Melody Award for Best Orchestra, and producer of Best Hakka Album.