The number of unpaid leave in the manufacturing industry reached 6,266, a new high since December 2020.

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The number of people may surpass that of travel agencies next month

[Reporter Li Lianghui/Taipei Report] Affected by the economic downturn and shrinking orders, the number of people in the manufacturing industry who have implemented reduced shifts (commonly known as unpaid leave) has reached 6,266, a new high since December 2020. Among them, Machine tool-related industries, optoelectronics and printed circuit boards and other information and electronics industries are the bulk, which is not far from the 6,769 people in the support service industry (travel agencies) affected by the epidemic. The Ministry of Labor does not rule out the number of unpaid leave in the manufacturing industry next month. Possibilities beyond the travel agency.

The Ministry of Labor released statistics on unpaid leave yesterday. In this period, a total of 2,315 companies and 16,495 people implemented it; compared with the previous period (8 days), it increased by 65 companies and 1,403 people.

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The manufacturing industry added more than 1,000 people in the current period

Huang Weichen, director of the Department of Labor Conditions and Employment Equality of the Ministry of Labor, pointed out that nearly 90% of the new recruits are concentrated in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry only had 5,024 employees in the previous period, and this period increased by 1,242 to 6,266. Concentrate on the metal electromechanical industry and component industry related to machine tools, with an increase of 750 people; another hardest hit area is the information electronics industry, with more than 300 people in the optoelectronic industry and more than 200 people in the printed circuit board industry; the main reason The recent order is still unstable. After consultation with the employees, it was decided to reduce the working hours by four days per month to implement the reduction of shifts and rest.

Unpaid leave in the manufacturing industry has increased since May 2020, reaching a peak of more than 17,000 people in early August, and then slowly declined. There were still nearly 7,000 people in early December 2020. A week later The number of people fell below 3,000, and the number of people this time was 6,266, which can be said to be a new high since early December 2020.

Huang Weichen said frankly that it is not ruled out that the number of people implementing the manufacturing industry will exceed that of the support service industry after the first and second phases, and indeed "needs more attention."

Due to the continuous increase in the number of people taking unpaid leave in the manufacturing industry, the Ministry of Labor will notify the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the current operating conditions of relevant businesses in each period, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs will provide assistance.

Huang Weichen emphasized that the Ministry of Labor continues to provide assistance with various relief programs for workers who have suffered from overtime and rest, including the recharge and start training program, the peace of mind employment program, and the peace of mind immediate work plan, which workers can make more of.

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