French pension reform policy sparked public grievances.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The French pension reform policy has sparked controversy. French workers have held two strikes in January. Recently, French workers have once again called for a third nationwide strike, including energy, transportation industries, teachers, civil servants, etc. Joined the strike, thus disrupting the supply of electricity and petrol in France.

Comprehensive foreign reports, because the French government intends to extend the statutory retirement age from 62 to 64 years old, and if you want to get a full pension, the payment period must be extended by 1 year to 43 years, which has triggered a public backlash. It is estimated that the latest strike activity has a total of 127 Thousands of people participated, which was larger than the scale of the first strike on the 19th of last month.

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The French electricity company EDF said that the strike temporarily reduced power supply, and employees of the oil company TotalEnergies also joined the strike action, affecting gasoline transportation, but there is still no shortage of gasoline at gas stations.

In addition, the railway company NCF stated that only about half of the remaining railways in the country continue to operate, and roads to the United Kingdom and Switzerland are also affected.

According to the statistics of the French Federation of Trade Unions, about 75% of the workers in the country participated in the latest strike action.

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