Affected by China's blockade and fewer working days, Zhishenke and Jiangxing Duan's monthly revenues both decreased.

The picture shows Lin Endao, general manager of Zhishen Branch.

(Provided by Zhishen Branch)

[Reporter Huang Haochen/Taipei Report] After China’s anti-epidemic blockade was lifted in mid-December last year, Chinese automobile factories and parts industry customers stopped working and reduced production due to the increase in the number of employees who were diagnosed. In addition, the number of working days during the Lunar New Year in January was less, including Automobile safety parts factory Zhishenke (4551) and automotive transmission parts factory Jiangxing Forging Press (4528) were affected in January revenue, and the base period of the same period last year was relatively high. Under the double impact, the revenue in January decreased monthly , Yearly reduction.

Zhishenke announced today that its consolidated revenue in January was 581 million yuan, a monthly decrease of 16.35% and an annual decrease of 36.1%; Jiangxing Duan’s January revenue was 149 million yuan, a monthly decrease of 20.36% and an annual decrease of 32.85%.

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In this regard, Zhishenke said that due to the small number of working days, some orders have deferred production and shipment due to the peak of the epidemic, and in January last year, the base period for comparison was increased due to the deferred shipment of orders that were confirmed to be out of shipping containers. Double impact on January's revenue; however, regarding the current order demand, in addition to not receiving a cancellation notice, it is also actively coordinating follow-up shipment schedules and follow-up order increments, which will help the operation throughout the year.

Zhishenke emphasized that although China is still at the peak of the epidemic, it is a test of the flexibility of production and shipment schedules in various manufacturing industry chains. In addition, it is observed that the terminal dealers of new cars in China in January, after the relaxation of the epidemic situation in China, consumption during the Spring Festival The number of visitors to the store to see cars is better than expected, and the tight supply chain in the global auto market has gradually eased, which will bring dawn to the auto industry. With the increase in the penetration rate of new car models, it will boost the strength of customers to buy goods. Helping the automotive business unit optimize its portfolio, the proportion of annual revenue may also be further increased from 2022; in addition, new medical products are also accelerating new product certification with major medical customers, and new orders are expected to be added to the trial production schedule before the end of the year.

Jiangxing Forging said that the follow-up still depends on the unblocking situation in China; Jiangxing Forging recognizes revenue based on sales and shipments in the first month, and shipments decreased in December last year, resulting in a decline in revenue in January, and may fall in February. It is expected to be comparable to January, and shipments and revenue will gradually return to normal in March. This year's operating goal is to pursue revenue growth.

Looking ahead, Zhishenke remains cautiously optimistic about the first quarter. It is optimistic that after the resumption of work and production by brand automakers in China after the year, coupled with the introduction of new energy and the continued increase in the proportion of electric vehicles, it is expected to usher in a period of automakers replenishing inventory levels. Order demand; Jiang Xingdu set the goal to pursue growth, and this year's profit will at least maintain last year's level.

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