When Yangzhou Jinghua City opened in 2007, Master Hsing Yun went to pray for blessings.

(Photo/Provided by Shen Chunchi Culture and Education Foundation)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Shen Qingjing, chairman of Weijing Group, issued a message yesterday to mourn Master Hsing Yun, remembering Master Hsing Yun's life of compassion and benefiting all beings. The spirit of Fo Guang Shan will always remain in people's hearts.

The Shen Chunchi Cultural and Educational Foundation published Shen Qingjing's article mourning Master Hsing Yun on the 7th.

Shen Qingjing recalled that when the group’s Yangzhou Jinghua City opened in 2007, Master Xingyun was invited to pray for blessings. However, Weijing Group was facing financial bottlenecks at the bailout stage. None, but the master didn't care to comfort him at all, it's okay, don't worry about it.

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Shen Qingjing pointed out that when the first tranche of the bailout came six years later, he took the 10 million yuan promissory note from the bank and went to Fo Guang Shan to meet Master Hsing Yun. He wanted to express his gratitude for the trip to Yangzhou. Master Cirong, the first generation disciple of Shanshan.

But when Shen Qingjing handed the check to Master Cirong, Master Xingyun, who was already poor at that time, turned his head immediately, snatched the check from Master Cirong and returned it to him.

Seeing that Master Xingyun had returned it, Shen Qingjing pushed the check back to Master Cirong.

However, Master Hsing Yun snatched the check and returned it to him.

Shen Qingjing recalled that Master Hsing Yun said at the time that he knew that Weijing Group was still in financial difficulties, but "I received it", and hoped that in the future when Weijing Group is better, he must help Fo Guang Shan.

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