Wistron (3231) continued to improve its electric vehicle business, and participated in the by-election of directors of Chengyun Automobile, a well-known domestic bus manufacturer, last Saturday (4th) and successfully won one seat.

(Provided by Chengyun)

[Reporter Fang Weijie/Taipei Report] Wistron (3231) continued to improve its electric vehicle business. Last Saturday (4th), it participated in the by-election of the directors of Chengyun Automobile, a well-known domestic bus manufacturer, and successfully won 1 seat. As of last year, the top 3 In the first quarter, Wistron held 6.11% of Chengyun's shares, and another major shareholder of Chengyun, Cathay Pacific Sustainable Private Equity Fund, has also become one of the key players in the alliance of the top three.

After being announced by the government as the "National Team of Electric Buses" and included in the "5+2 Innovative Industries" and "2050 Net Zero Carbon Emission Industry" actively supported by the state, Chengyun Automobile was favored by Wistron, a major OEM, and spent a lot of money Bought 2,375,297 shares of Chengyun, holding 6.11% of the shares. The current value is about 143 million yuan. Wistron has further won a seat of Chengyun director, showing its strong ambition for the electric vehicle business.

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In view of the global mainstream issue of "2050 net zero carbon emissions", which has gradually led the major economic and trade trends of countries around the world, and the famous domestic infrastructure fund - Cathay Pacific Sustainable Private Equity Fund, is optimistic that the Chengyun electric bus will create Taiwan's "silicon Dao” is another miracle of the green energy industry and has the growth potential to enter the international market. At the end of last year, it invested a large amount of 500 million yuan to become the company’s new green energy shareholder.

Chengyun Chairman Wu Dingfa revealed that the first batch of 250 "Silicon Island Smart Electric Buses" will be in operation in China in the first quarter of this year to meet local needs. The lithium titanate battery (SCiB) battery manufactured by Toshiba is characterized by high stability, long life and fast charging speed.

Wu Dingfa mentioned that, as a member of a local enterprise in Taiwan, in order to keep the high-end intelligent manufacturing process of electric buses in Taiwan, in addition to investing a lot of R&D manpower, he has also contacted ZF wheel motors in Germany and Toshiba batteries in Japan for technology transfer. Build Taiwan's "Silicon Island Smart Electric Bus" manufacturing base, and has also acquired the Erlin Park site in the Central Science Park.

Wu Dingfa said that this year, he will invest 2.5 billion yuan in the first phase of the project in the Erlin Park of the Central Science Park. Combined with Wistron's smart manufacturing and automation solutions, he will start building the first manufacturing facility in China that combines solar photovoltaics, smart technology, and smart functions. The car production line is scheduled to be put into mass production in 2024 to accelerate Taiwan's "Silicon Island Smart Electric Bus" industry to enter the world, and integrate the domestic smart electric bus upstream and downstream industry supply chains to achieve the global goal of net zero transformation in 2050 .

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