Taisugar's pig farm reconstruction project has been delayed, affecting the number of pigs raised. The animal husbandry business unit may become the only one of Taiwan Sugar's seven major business units to lose money this year.

(Taken from the website of Taisugar Animal Husbandry Division)

[Reporter Lin Jinghua/Report from Taipei] The reconstruction of the pig farm was delayed. Among the seven major business divisions of Taiwan Sugar last year, the precision agriculture and animal husbandry business divisions had a pre-tax loss of six.

8.4 billion yuan, and the loss of more than 500 million yuan in livestock farming is the worst; Taiwan Sugar said that this year's orchid export sales have stabilized with freight prices, and the intensive agriculture business department will strive to balance the profit and loss, but the livestock breeding business department is still affected by the reconstruction of pig farms The delay affects the breeding of pigs, which may become the only money-losing department.

Last year, Taiwan Sugar was the "most profitable" unit among the four major state-owned enterprises under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with an operating income of 2.88 billion yuan.

7.6 billion yuan, net profit before tax 24.

500 million yuan; furthermore, among the seven major business divisions of Taiwan Sugar, five major business divisions make money and two major business divisions lose money.

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Lost more than 500 million last year, this year's fight to shrink

The five major business divisions that make money include oil products, sugar, commodity marketing, leisure and recreation, and biotechnology; Taiwan Sugar said that the leisure and recreation division was originally expected to lose money, but the domestic epidemic situation stabilized and people resumed travel. It began to make money in the second half of last year. Currently It can be seen that the housing rate has also rebounded after the Lunar New Year, and it is expected to maintain steady growth this year.

As for the two major business divisions that lost money last year, they were the precision agriculture business department and the animal husbandry business department, with a total loss of six before tax.

8.4 billion yuan, of which the precision agriculture business department lost hundreds of millions of yuan during the epidemic in the past few years. Last year, it shrunk to a loss of tens of millions of yuan. It was attributed to increasing revenue and reducing expenditure and reducing costs; Taiwan Sugar estimates that the container and freight rates are stable, and the epidemic is trending Influenza, orchid export also showed signs of dawn, this year is expected to achieve even profit and loss, even better may turn losses into profits.

However, the animal husbandry division lost more than 500 million yuan last year, and it is still difficult to turn around this year.

Taisugar stated that thirteen domestic pig farms continued to be rebuilt, which affected the number of pigs raised, and the international prices of soybeans, corn and other feeds soared, resulting in losses. Losses, but some pig farms can be completed this year, coupled with stable feed prices, the losses may be reduced to less than 500 million yuan.

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