Hong Kong tycoon Liu Luanxiong and his wife Chen Kaiyun are important shareholders of Evergrande and top Hermes collectors.

(picture taken from Weibo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Xu Jiayin, the founder of China’s thunderstorm real estate company Evergrande, is a good friend and Hong Kong rich man Liu Luanxiong. Brand-name bags entrusted to Sotheby's auction, once again become a topic.

Liu Luanxiong, who is known as a top Hermès collector, has 76 Hermès bags and 1 Chanel bag in this auction, with a total value of 16.3 million Hong Kong dollars (approximately NT$62.27 million).

In the 2022 Forbes China Hong Kong Rich List, Liu Luanxiong ranked 6th, with a net worth of approximately HK$13.7 billion.

In the past two years, due to the financial crisis of Evergrande controlled by his friend Xu Jiayin, it has been dragged down tragically. Huaren Real Estate, controlled by Liu, announced in early 2022 that it lost 7.87 billion Hong Kong dollars by selling Evergrande stocks. 3.05 billion Hong Kong dollars.

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Recently, Liu Luanxiong returned to the public view again. The rich man known as the top collector of Hermes entrusted Sotheby's auction of 77 famous brand bags in his collection, including 76 Hermes and 1 Chanel, with a total value of 16.3 million Hong Kong dollars, the estimated price of a single product is between 15,000 and 2 million Hong Kong dollars.

The hottest item in this auction is the only Chanel bag. This is a tote bag produced in 2008-2009. The estimated price is 20,000 to 40,000 Hong Kong dollars. As of the 4th, there have been 19 bids, and the highest bid is 65,000 Hong Kong dollars. .

Sotheby's said that this is the largest single collector's famous brand bag auction in Asian history. Held in July.

Hong Kong tycoon Liu Luanxiong auctioned 77 brand-name bags, and the most popular item in this auction was the only Chanel bag (as shown in the picture).

(The picture is taken from Sotheby's official website)

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