Cathay Pacific Securities Advisors Office Assistant Jian Boyi.

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Cathay Pacific Securities Advisors Office Assistant Jian Boyi

In early trading today, Taiwan stocks were affected by the financial reports released by American companies after the market. The electronic market showed a trend of retracement. The index showed a relatively low opening in early trading. With legal person investment and foreign capital still a relatively large situation, the index gradually converged after the opening fell, and the final index turned from black to red, and the final index showed a small increase.

This week is the first week of the New Year's red market. The weekly line has risen by 669 points, showing a situation of rising volume and price. Observing the weekly trend of the entire market, the K line shows a red closing, and the daily KD index maintains a high situation. In addition, the RSI indicator also maintains a relatively positive outlook, indicating that the current volume, price and indicators are maintaining a positive trend. Looking at it, the 5-day moving average was held during the intraday backtest, and the stock price closed above the 5-day moving average. Therefore, in the near future, the market has steadily climbed along this 5-day moving average, even though the current annual line is still under pressure. The main reason for this trend is that the current annual line deduction is in a relatively high-end area around 18,000 points. If the current volume and price are still moderate and above the 5-day average volume, the entire stock price will still remain biased. many.

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The U.S. dollar continues to be weak recently, the Asian currency trend has also hit a new high recently, and the Taiwan dollar has also maintained a trend of appreciation recently. Therefore, in the case of the overall appreciation of the Taiwan dollar, the recent capital market is beneficial to Taiwan stocks. From the perspective of legal persons, the recent letter investment No matter in the centralized market or the electric market, they continue to increase significantly, and foreign investors also buy more in the futures and in the spot simultaneously, so the part of the legal person is also biased towards the positive. Only the recently announced fundamentals, including the recently announced export orders, or the industrial The performance of the production index in January was slightly worse than market expectations, and the annual decrease was relatively large. The reason why the stock price can rise despite the recent poor performance of the index’s fundamentals is mainly because the capital has created a relatively loose environment, so Driven by the capital market, the stock price will still maintain a bullish trend. As long as the market has not fallen below the 5-day moving average, the expected index should still maintain a bullish trend.

In terms of operation, there should still be more operations on the subject matter. At present, the subject matter is based on the fact that the semiconductor group is very strong in the entire Philadelphia Semiconductor. In the short term, the semiconductor group should still be able to do more here. In addition, Yuan Looking at the groups whose monthly revenue is announced, such as the game console group or the catering group related to domestic demand, with the blessing of good revenue performance, you can also do more observations. Finally, the Tesla group, although the vehicle shipment It is not as good as expected, but it is expected to have a chance to resume growth this year, so the relevant Tesla group can also do more operations here.

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