The Year of the Golden Rabbit has a red plate!

The intraday burst volume of NT dollars soared by more than 2 cents, and it was temporarily closed at 30.178 yuan at noon (photo by reporter Chen Meiying)

[Reporter Chen Meiying/Taipei Report] The year of the Golden Rabbit had a good start. The exchange rate of the NT dollar against the US dollar soared by more than 20 cents early in the morning, reaching a peak of 30.124 yuan, a new high in more than 5 months. The amount broke out to 1.01 billion US dollars.

The head of Huiyin pointed out that during the Lunar New Year, many Fed officials released "dove" voices, supporting a 1-point rate hike in February. With the cooling of US inflation and the slowdown of interest rate hikes, the US dollar has fallen and US stocks have risen in the past week , Encouraging Taiwan stocks to stand on the "ten thousand five" at the opening of the market on Monday. The influx of foreign hot money also pushed up the exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar to break through the two barriers of 30.3 yuan and 30.2 yuan in one fell swoop, and move closer to the integer price of 30 yuan.

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In the follow-up, we will observe the attitude of the central bank. The director of Huiyin believes that the domestic funds of the New Taiwan dollar will gradually return to the banking system around the Lantern Festival in previous years.

The exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar against the U.S. dollar opened at 30.3 yuan today. In early trading, the highest rose to 30.124 yuan and the lowest was 30.3 yuan.

Major Asian currencies were mixed. The Japanese yen depreciated slightly this morning, while the Korean won and the Chinese yuan appreciated.

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