International software giants invest heavily in Taiwan

IBM will enter Kaohsiung Yawan in the first quarter Google, Microsoft, AWS, and Meta will gradually expand their presence in Taiwan

[Reporter Xu Ziling/Taipei Report] Foreign investment in Taiwan hits a new high!

According to statistics from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in the first November of last year, overseas Chinese and foreign businessmen invested a total of US$12.4 billion (approximately NT$370 billion), a record high since 2008.

Despite the tense situation in the Taiwan Strait, the willingness of major international companies to invest has not been affected. Not only the semiconductor industry, but software giants have also expanded their presence in Taiwan in the past three years. For Google, Microsoft, AWS, IBM and Meta alone, the estimated total investment amount is at least thousands billion.

IBM expects to bring 1,000 jobs in five years

Taking the cloud industry as an example, IBM, which provides cloud and artificial intelligence services, observed the strong demand for technological transformation from Taiwanese customers. At the end of last year, it announced that it would establish a "Software Technology Integration Service Center" in Yawan, Kaohsiung in the first quarter of 2023. ", with an investment of billions of dollars, is expected to bring 1,000 job opportunities within five years.

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The three major public cloud giants include Amazon AWS, Microsoft, and Google. In recent years, they have successively "bet" on Taiwan. Among them, in addition to building the first data center in Changhua, Google has also purchased land in Tainan and Yunlin for expansion in recent years. According to It is rumored that the second and third data centers will be built, and the total investment estimated by the outside world is tens of billions of dollars.

Microsoft spends $39.5 billion to create 30,000 jobs

Microsoft also announced in 2020 that it will set up the first Azure data center in China and build an Azure cloud hardware and infrastructure team. This is Microsoft's largest investment in Taiwan in more than 30 years, and it is Microsoft's largest overseas cloud operation R&D center.

Currently, the data center is still under construction. Research institutes estimate that Microsoft's investment of US$1.3 billion (approximately NT$39.5 billion) is expected to create more than 30,000 job opportunities in Taiwan.

AWS is not far behind. In October last year, it launched a "Local Zone" (Local Zone) computer room in Taipei. This is the first time AWS has deployed a local zone outside the United States. Although the scale is smaller than the average data center, it can already meet many local cloud services.

AWS also established a joint innovation center in New Taipei City in 2019 as a hotspot to accelerate the incubation of new startups and the upgrading and transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan.

As for the amount of investment in Taiwan, AWS revealed that "the amount is very large."

In addition, Meta, a technology company that develops social platforms and Metaverse, established the first Metaverse XR Hub Taiwan community space in Asia in Taipei last May. It is located in the digital innovation base and hopes to promote the cluster of innovative industries in Metaverse .

Meta executives stated that Taiwan will not only become an important stronghold for the Meta Universe team, but also a key hub for promoting global innovation.

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