A person's right to a certain type of pension and the amount of pension payments depend on the amount of work experience.

The main document confirming work experience before January 1, 2004 is the employment book.

Since 2004, the length of service for retirement is called insurance and is confirmed by personalized accounting data.

How to prove seniority without an employment book

If a person for some reason does not have an employment book, or it lacks the necessary records or contains incorrect, inaccurate data, seniority is established on the basis of other documents.

These documents can be issued by the place of work, service, study, as well as archival institutions.

What documents can confirm work experience

Documentary confirmations of the necessary pension experience are the following documents:

  • company certificates,

  • extracts from orders,

  • personal accounts and salary information,

  • certificates and characteristics from the place of work,

  • employment contracts and agreements with notes on their implementation,

  • other documents containing information about periods of work.

Trade union membership cards can be accepted as proof of work experience.

According to these tickets, those periods of work for which there are marks on the payment of membership fees are confirmed.

In the absence of written evidence of employment, the Pension Fund authorities can confirm seniority on the basis of witness statements (CMU Resolution "On Approval of the Procedure for Confirming Existing Employment for Assigning Pensions in the Absence of an Employment Book or Relevant Entries in it").

The length of service in such a case is established on the basis of the testimony of two or more witnesses who would know the applicant in relation to joint work with him at the same enterprise, institution, organization.

Certificates are accepted when it is impossible to obtain documentary confirmation of retirement experience in connection with:

  • military actions, accidents, catastrophes,

  • natural disasters and other emergency situations,

  • liquidation of an enterprise, institution, organization,

  • lack of archival data for other reasons.

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