From shopping on multiple devices to delivery close to home or office, consumers prefer solutions that offer them the ease and freedom to plan their time as they wish.

These are among the findings of an analysis of consumer behavior carried out by eMAG Group after the end of the holiday shopping season among the more than 8 million customers that the three e-commerce companies have in the region.

Online retailers' customers in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary also preferred to order mainly from mobile devices, with the majority of their purchases made between 10:00-15:00 during the festive season.

72% of consumers in Bulgaria, 78% of customers in Romania and 61% of those in Hungary have ordered from mobile phones, allowing them to place orders anytime, anywhere.

In terms of preparations for the holidays, customers in Bulgaria organized themselves the earliest and the day they made the most orders was December 6.

In Hungary, the platform's busiest shopping day was December 12, and in Romania, customers relied mainly on the Genius subscription with free shipping, with the highest number of sign-ups 6 days before Christmas.

In all three countries, consumers were able to choose products offered by both eMAG and Marketplace merchants on the platform.

Thus, in December, more than 22,000 eMAG Marketplace merchants registered orders in at least one of the three countries, some of them having eMAG Marketplace registration in only one country and others in more.

More than 2,200 of them had orders from a country other than where they were based.

At the same time, over 220,000 orders from the merchants' offers were delivered by Romania's eMAG, directly from the online retailer's renovated logistics center in Joita, near Bucharest, through the Fulfillment service.

"The holiday shopping season confirmed that whether it's customers in Bulgaria, Romania or Hungary, they all prefer shopping solutions that make their lives easier.

Special offers, fast delivery and mobility are important to every one of our 8 million customers who have chosen eMAG to buy products in all categories - from gifts for loved ones to decorations or cleaning products.

They took advantage of the good prices in the platform's holiday campaigns, as well as the wide range of products, choosing one online destination for everything they need," commented Silviu Gugui, manager of eMAG Bulgaria.

The largest order, worth BGN 24,043.68, was made by Romania and includes 285 products from categories such as: beverages, personal hygiene and cosmetics, dry food, home care products, hygiene products, large electrical appliance, perfume and small electrical tool.

The largest order from Bulgaria included 38 products with a total value of BGN 9,182.45 and contained women's and men's clothing, bags and accessories.

In Hungary, the largest order was worth BGN 18,528.65, including 50 products - beverages, books and entertainment items, dry food, home textiles, hygiene products, office supplies, toys, sports items.

Top 10 most ordered product categories in December 2022 at eMAG 

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