"Rabbit" raised his eyebrows angrily!

Hang Seng Technology soared more than 3% in Hong Kong stock market opening red (data photo, Associated Press)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Sweeping away the haze of the Year of the Tiger, the Hong Kong stock market has opened a red market, exhaling and raising eyebrows. Under the counterattack of technology stocks, the three major indexes have all opened higher and higher. Among them, the Hang Seng Technology Index has the sharpest rise, and it rose as of midday 3.16%, followed by the State Enterprise Index rose 2.05%, even the Hang Seng Index rose 1.73%.

According to foreign media reports, on the first trading day of the Year of the Rabbit in Hong Kong stocks, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange held a New Year market opening ceremony. In his speech, Financial Secretary Chen Maobo described that the past year has been turbulent because of geopolitical factors that have led to rising energy and food prices and high inflation. , the world's major central banks accelerated interest rate hikes and tightened monetary policy, which caused large fluctuations in the financial market, but Hong Kong stocks have maintained a steady and orderly operation.

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Chen Maobo mentioned that since the end of last year, Hong Kong and China have resumed contact with the world, and the market atmosphere has improved. He firmly believes that the stock market in the Year of the Rabbit will definitely be able to raise their eyebrows, jump like a rabbit, jump to a new level, and set foot on a new level.

He predicted that people and wealth will be more prosperous, and the market and economy this year will be much better than last year. The exchange will also strive to enhance the competitive advantage of listing platforms this year.

The Hang Seng Technology Index rose 93.56 points at the opening today, opening at 4662.35 points. The index opened higher and went higher. It once reached 4730.52 points in the intraday session and temporarily closed at 4713.38 points in midday trading, an increase of 3.16%. Among the constituent stocks, Weilai-SW rose again The most fierce, up 11.52% as of noon, and Wanguo Data and Li Auto have also increased by more than 10%. As for Xiaomi Group, Xiaopeng Motors, Bilibili, Sunny Optical, and China Literature Group have also increased by more than 5%. .

The state-owned enterprise index also opened higher today. It temporarily closed at 7636.9 points in midday trading, up 2/05%. Among the constituent stocks, Ideal Automobile had the largest increase, with an increase of 10.68%. As for Xiaomi Group, Sunny Optical, BYD, and Longfor Group, the increase 5%.

The Hang Seng Index also opened higher, temporarily closing at 22,426.13 points in midday trading, an increase of 1.73%; the increase was more than 4%, and there were 7 stalls. Among them, Xiaomi Group had the largest increase, with an increase of 9.27% ​​in midday trading.

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