UBB and KVS Bank Bulgaria - both part of the Belgian KVS Group, reduce fees for transfers made through digital channels - online and mobile banking.

From January 24, 2023, retail customers will pay 10% lower fees for a period of one year.

The reduction comes into effect after 24.01.2023 and applies to fees for interbank transfers in leva and euros (via BISERA and SEPA), as well as for all intrabank transfers in UBB and KVS Bank, made by individuals through the mobile or online banking of both banks .

Transfers made through digital channels are one of the most widely used banking services by individuals in recent years.

About 98% of the transfers made by individuals in KVS Bank Bulgaria and 93% of those in UBB are through electronic channels.

"For more than a year, we have been constantly talking about inflation and price jumps, but now we really support our customers by reducing the prices for one of the most used banking services - digital money transfers for individuals,"

commented Tatyana Ivanova, executive director of UBB with portfolio digital channels, data and operations.

"In this way, we not only relieve our customers, but also encourage them to use electronic banking channels, which are secure, significantly cheaper, save time and save the environment. Our efforts are constant in this direction, which is evident from the fact that UBB is the digitization leader for Bulgaria by 2022 according to a Deloitte study on the maturity of global digital banking."

 she adds.

In addition to electronic payments, which have lower fees, customers of UBB and KVS Bank Bulgaria can pay in digital channels and their household accounts without being charged any fees.