According to him, "significant scientific and research work" has been carried out, "a significant number of elements" of the power plant and electrical equipment used in traction devices have been created.

"All this needs to be put together and come to conceptual decisions in the direction of creating a completely own passenger electric car," the official said.

  • On October 22, Lukashenka instructed to expand the use of electric vehicles in Belarus, as "almost all countries are already following this path", as well as "taking into account the launch of the Belarusian nuclear power plant".

    A month later, he signed Decree No. 447 on encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

  • On September 10, the United Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus presented the "first domestic electric sports car" at the Minsk ELECTRO-2022 rally.

    The head of the scientific and engineering center of the AIM, Alexander Bialevich, said that "most of the electronics in the electric car, including the control system, are of our own production."

  • Earlier, representatives of the Academy of Sciences repeatedly declared their intention to create a domestic electric car.

    The samples presented later had a limited degree of localization.

    Scientists have repeatedly stated the difficulty of organizing the full cycle of electric vehicle production in Belarus, including due to the specifics of battery production, the lack of a body production line, etc.

  • At a press conference on November 17, the director of BelG JSC Gennadz Svidzersky called the development of a "union" electric car a "promising direction".