Uninterruptedly providing millions of Ukrainians with guaranteed fresh products and high-quality essential goods, the ATB company began to systematically support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteer formations, volunteer organizations, medical institutions and provide humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable sections of the population.

One of the vivid examples of the responsible activity of this patriotic business was the inclusion of the "ATB-Market" trade network, which is the flagship of the corporation, to the national charitable platform "eDopomoga".

As reported in the official release of "ATB", the project was created by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and UNDP with the financial support of Sweden.

The purpose of the "yesHelp" platform is to meet the urgent needs of citizens who suffered or were forced to change their place of residence due to military aggression.

The mechanism of such online support works simply: anyone who wants to can buy and give to those who need food certificates in any of over a thousand stores of the largest Ukrainian retail chain.

Therefore, the opportunities to support our compatriots have become much greater - there are certificates in denominations of 200, 500 and 1000 hryvnias.

Actually, they can be used to pay for food and essential goods in the stores of the leader of the domestic retail industry.

Exceptions are alcoholic and tobacco products, which cannot be paid with a certificate.

It is worth noting that the validity period of the "yeDopomoga" certificate is one month from the moment of payment.

Also, it cannot be monetized (exchanged for cash).

You can use the certificate only once, so you have to be responsible for your choice.

You can purchase a certificate for the purchase of goods in the "ATB" retail network on the "eDopomoga" website.

Its recipient chooses products in any of the "ATB" stores (both in the regular market and in the online store) and, when paying for the purchase, notes the unique code of the certificate and an identity document.

So simple, transparent and clear.

The "eDopomoga" platform has already welcomed its new partner: "We are happy to welcome ATB-Market to the circle of friends of the "eDopomoga" platform!

Our team is constantly working to make the eHelp platform convenient for everyone.

We received a lot of requests from platform users that it would be very cool if prepaid food and hygiene products could be used in stores of the ATB-Market network.

Currently, the list of companies and organizations that have become wholesale buyers of "ATB" charity certificates already numbers dozens - and continues to grow rapidly.

Throughout 2023, the company "ATB" plans further development of this direction and is always open to cooperation with Ukrainian and international business, charitable institutions, etc.

Let us remind you that, having switched to a special mode of operation on February 24 of last year, "ATB" is making every effort 24/7 to rebuild its stores in populated areas liberated from the enemy and to support the local population.

It was the supermarkets of the Ukrainian "network of invincibility" that were among the first to resume their work in the de-occupied territories of Kyiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Kherson regions, giving people a taste for peaceful life and strengthening faith in our victory.

The company handed over thousands of free food kits to residents of settlements such as Kup'yansk in Kharkiv Oblast or Snigurivka in Kherson Oblast, where the enemy left an almost scorched earth.

In general, the amount of funds allocated by the company for extremely important charitable initiatives for society has already exceeded 200 million hryvnias.

In addition, the delivery of orders from ATB by Ukrposhta and Novaya Poshta was recently extended to de-occupied settlements in three oblasts. 

Day by day, step by step, "ATB" brings our joint victory closer, prevents a humanitarian catastrophe and helps people return to the pre-war standard of living with all its might.

Five facts about YeDopomoga charity certificates for the purchase of goods at ATB:

1. The "ATB" certificate can be purchased on the "eHelp" platform (by completing an application).

2. Denominations: 200, 500, 1000 UAH.

The certificate is one-time, it can be used in any "ATB" store.

3. The certificate is a unique code transmitted electronically.

4. The certificate does not apply to the purchase of liquor, vodka and tobacco products, it cannot be exchanged for cash.

5. "ATB-Market" can provide full transparent reporting on the use of certificates in stores.