Millions of Chinese gamers have been unable to access "World of Warcraft" since the 24th.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] During the Lunar New Year holiday, many Chinese gamers were disappointed as millions of Chinese gamers were dismayed on the 24th after a fierce dispute between the well-known American game maker Blizzard Entertainment and China's long-term partner NetEase. Cannot access World of Warcraft since.

"The sudden closure of World of Warcraft is such a sad day for World of Warcraft players and Blizzard Entertainment fans around the world," one commenter wrote online. "This really hurts me," wrote one commenter. My heart hurts, it hurts too much."

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The 14-year partnership has brought great benefits to both parties. Blizzard Entertainment has helped NetEase become the second largest game publisher in China after Tencent Holdings, and opened the door for Blizzard to enter the huge Asian market.

But the two companies broke off talks late last year on a new licensing deal aimed at making Blizzard's franchises such as Diablo and Warcraft available in China.

The feud escalated in January when NetEase accused Blizzard of being "rude and inappropriate."

Blizzard offered to extend their license agreement for another six months while new terms were drawn up, but NetEase described the idea as "proposing a divorce while still working with the same partners".

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