Apple CEO Cook wishes everyone a safe and healthy Year of the Rabbit.


〔Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report〕The Lunar New Year is coming, and the Chinese little pink recently insisted that the English translation of the Lunar New Year should be "Chinese New Year" instead of "Lunar New Year". Apple CEO Tim Cook also used "Lunar" on his personal Twitter on the first day of the Lunar New Year (22nd), and Apple's mobile phone is the number one selling brand in China. collapse.

Chinese little pinks are causing trouble everywhere for the English translation of the Lunar New Year. A Chinese netizen saw "Lunar New Year (Lunar New Year)" instead of "Chinese New Year" on a poster in a department store on the streets of New York, USA, and angrily tore down the poster , was called to the police by the shopping mall, and this little pink was taken to the police station for questioning, and ended up with a PO letter asking for help.

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A professor in South Korea was also murdered by a little pink. Kyoungduk Seo, a professor at Sungshin Women's University in South Korea, posted a post on Facebook on the 19th, calling for the English translation of the Lunar New Year shared by South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and other Asian countries to be renamed "Lunar New Year" instead of "Chinese New Year" (Chinese New Year), Chinese netizens insulted and suppressed.

Today's New Year's Day, China's little pink is about to collapse again.

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a New Year greeting on his personal Twitter, wishing everyone a healthy, safe and happy Year of the Rabbit. The PO text also used "Lunar New Year" (Lunar New Year) instead of "Lunar New Year".

The folks on the US PTT version of Reddit bluntly said that even Cook insulted China, and said that Musk also liked it.

Apple CEO Cook tweeted New Year's greetings.

(Picture taken from Cook Twitter)

Wishing everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year a healthy, safe, and happy Year of the Rabbit! Thank you to Dan Jiwei for this beautiful greeting drawn on iPad.

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) January 21, 2023

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