Inflation in the European Union decreased in December for the second month in a row, reaching 10.4% on an annual basis, and in the Eurozone - 9.2%, according to data from the European official statistics Eurostat.

At the same time, the harmonized inflation in Bulgaria remained in December for the second month in a row at the level of 14.3 percent, with higher inflation recorded in seven other members of the union (Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia ).

Eurozone inflation fell 0.4% in December from a month earlier and slowed to 9.2% year-on-year from 10.1% in November and after hitting a record high of 10.6% in October - the most -high inflation since European statistics have had this type of data since 1991.

Across the EU, the consumer price index (CPI) fell in December by 0.2% from November, with annual inflation slowing to 10.4% from 11.1% in November, falling for the second consecutive month from the record October peak of 11.5 percent.

It should be borne in mind that exactly a year earlier inflation in the EU and the Eurozone was at levels of 5.3% and 5.0%, respectively.

The lowest annual inflation in December was reported in Spain (5.5%), Luxembourg (6.2%) and France (6.7%), while the highest inflation was reported in Hungary (25%), Latvia ( 20.7%) and Lithuania (20.0%).

In 12 of the 27 members of the EU, annual inflation in December was lower than the average European level of 10.4%, while in the remaining 15 members of the union it was above the average level for the union.

According to Eurostat data, the harmonized consumer inflation in Bulgaria increased in December by 0.8% compared to the previous month, and on an annual basis remained at the November level of 14.3%, confirming the NSI data from earlier this month


Why inflation keeps rising

Higher than annual inflation in our country was reported in December in Hungary (25%), Latvia (20.7%), Lithuania (20.0%), Estonia (17.5%), Czech Republic (16.8%) ), Poland (15.3%) and Slovakia (15.0%), while slightly lower inflation than in Bulgaria was recorded in Romania (14.1%), Croatia (12.7%) and Italy (12 .3%).

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