Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (Mark Rutte) said on Tuesday (17th) that discussions on the United States wanting the Netherlands to impose new restrictions on China's export of chip manufacturing technology have now seen gradual progress.

In an interview with the Dutch current affairs program "News Hour" (Nieuwsuur) after visiting the White House, Rutte said that the relevant discussions are progressing step by step, and that the Netherlands and the United States will be able to achieve good results in cooperation.

The two sides talked about the United States requesting the Netherlands to adopt Washington's promotion in October last year, aimed at hindering the development of China's chip manufacturing industry and slowing down the export restrictions of technological and military progress, but did not disclose the details of the negotiations.

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The Netherlands is home to ASML, a major manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. In 2021, China will account for 15% of ASML's sales. Therefore, if the Netherlands follows the new regulations in the United States, it will be worth about 2 billion euros (2.2 billion U.S. dollars, About NT$65 billion) sales may be affected.

Rutte said it was important that Western countries not lose their leadership in advanced semiconductor technology and that advanced chips should not be used for military purposes in "unwanted countries".

But Rutte also warned that the global supply chain of relatively simple technologies should not be interrupted by export restrictions, adding that this is not just a single country's problem. The Netherlands is not only discussing with the United States, but also with many partners.

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