Wistron Chairman Lin Xianming (wearing a hat) led the top management to toast all employees.

(Photo by reporter Fang Weijie)

[Reporter Fang Weijie/Taipei Report] Wistron (3231) opened table 1011 at the Nangang Exhibition Hall tonight, and held a feast for 11,000 people at the prosperous annual meeting. It is possible to start the physical tail, "This kind of connection between people cannot be replaced by technology." I hope that this year we can see the epidemic end as soon as possible, and return to the peaceful, happy and mobile days of the past.

Lin Xianming said that although the revenue in 2022 will reach 984.6 billion yuan, and the earnings per share will return to more than 4 yuan, the important thing is that the company's physique should be stable enough. With the joint efforts of its employees and partners, everyone has worked together for quite a long time. For a period of time, the resilience of the company was shown when the epidemic was quite serious, so that after more than two years of absence, everyone gathered together again. Lin Xianming bowed deeply to all employees for this.

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Lin Xianming said: "There are always people who support me by my side, and they are all my nobles. I also have this heart and hope to do something with everyone." Although the epidemic is still ups and downs, Wistron has not wasted Time, although it is no longer a small company, is not complacent. It continues to think about how to innovate and achieve sustainable development in the technology industry. Although it is not an industry leader now, it is confident to embark on a clear and definite path. With the development of ESG Promote and create a better living environment.

Lin Xianming mentioned, "We have always emphasized that ESG is the pursuit of the truth, goodness and beauty of human nature: the pursuit of the truth of governance, the pursuit of the goodness of society, and the pursuit of the beauty of the environment." To a certain extent, ESG is no longer a responsibility but a concept. Wistron The real ideal that must never be forgotten. 2022 has passed, and 2023 is not a bright year, but a treacherous year. I believe that Wistron has very good resilience. Through the improved physique, we can grasp the direction of future development .

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