The Financial Supervisory Commission stated that after the merger of Beifu Bank and Risheng Bank, the scale of assets in China will increase to the third place, and the branch will even rush to the first place in Minyin Bank.

(Photo by reporter Wang Menglun)

[Reporter Wang Menglun/Taipei Report] The Financial Supervisory Commission today approved the merger of Taipei Fubon Bank and Risheng Bank. After the merger, the surviving entity is Fubon Bank. Afterwards, Beifubang Bank's domestic asset scale will increase from the original 4th to the 3rd, and the number of branches will increase from the 11th overall and the 5th privately-owned to the 5th overall and the 1st privately-owned in one fell swoop.

Hou Liyang, chief secretary of the Banking Bureau of the Financial Supervisory Commission, said that the above-mentioned merger was approved by the resolutions of the boards of directors of Fubon Bank and Risheng Bank acting on behalf of the shareholders' meeting on November 18 last year, and was supported by Fubon Bank's capital increase and issuance of new shares on the merger base date. Merger Consideration.

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Fubon Financial and Risheng Financial Holdings, the parent companies of the two banks, completed the merger on November 11 last year, making Fubon Financial own 100% of the two subsidiary banks of Fubon Bank and Risheng Bank.

Hou Liyang explained that according to the application documents of the two banks, the distribution of business bases and customer group management of the two banks are complementary, and the merger will help promote resource integration, improve the scale and competitiveness of the institution's operations, and provide customers with more diverse And convenient financial services.

As for the efficiency and market ranking of the two banks after the merger, according to the information provided by the Banking Bureau, as of the end of September last year, the total assets of Fubon Bank and Risheng Bank were about 3.99 trillion yuan and 0.28 trillion yuan respectively, and the total assets of the surviving bank after the merger Reached 4.27 trillion yuan, second only to Bank of Taiwan and China CITIC Bank, squeezed into the third largest domestic bank.

In addition, after the merger, there are a total of 179 domestic branch bases, and the overall ranking of the Bank of China has jumped from the original 11th to the 5th, and the private ranking has jumped from the 5th to the champion.

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