Taiwan stocks were closed and fluctuated, and the NT dollar fell back to 30.33 yuan.

(Photo by reporter Chen Meiying)

[Reporter Chen Meiying/Taipei Report] Taiwan’s stock market will be closed today. Some foreign funds will be withdrawn first. In addition, major Asian currencies have also risen and pulled back. The exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar against the US dollar has once again depreciated to 30.3 yuan. At noon, it temporarily closed at 30.33 yuan. With a depreciation of 6.2 cents, the turnover of Taipei foreign exchange brokerage companies was 644 million US dollars.

Foreign exchange traders pointed out that U.S. stocks did not open on Monday, and Taiwan stocks went their own way before closing.

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The New Taiwan dollar foreign exchange market will still be traded until the 19th. It is expected that after the Taiwan stock market is closed, the trading volume of foreign capital will also be greatly reduced. The trading volume of the foreign exchange market may freeze sharply.

At present, the market focus is on whether the Bank of Japan (BOJ) will adjust its monetary policy direction at its meeting today and tomorrow. The Japanese Yen experienced a sharp depreciation trend today, and it returned to 129.13 against the US dollar in the intraday session. In addition, the RMB also depreciated. After 30.31 yuan and 4.2 yuan were separated, the lowest reached 30.341 yuan, which has returned more than half of yesterday's increase.

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