Sunteng Motors Group spent more than 600 million yuan to build a new "Porsche Center Tainan" Porsche Center in Tainan. It is the second Porsche Center built by Sunteng Motors in Taiwan, including Yimei Food, Qinyi Textile, and Hongjiateng Motorcycles. invest.

(Photo by reporter Yang Yamin)

[Reporter Yang Yamin/Taipei Report] After winning the Porsche dealership right in New Taipei City, Sunteng Motors Group once again spent more than 600 million yuan to build a brand new "Porsche Center Tainan" Porsche Center in Tainan, which is Sunteng Motors' second in Taiwan. A Porsche Center, including Yimei Food, Qinyi Textile, and Hongjiateng (1599) locomotives all have equity investments.

Wu Ruihong, CEO of Shangteng Motors, said that building a Porsche Center in Tainan is a dream in his life. He once met Zhong Jielin, chairman of Hongjiateng, a sports car fan, and talked about his land in Tainan. The two hit it off and the dream finally came true today.

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"Porsche Center Tainan" is the first Porsche exhibition center in central and southern Taiwan to incorporate the design concept of Destination Porsche. It is located at the intersection of Bei'an Road and Yude Road in the North District of Tainan City. Top service specifications for Porsche owners in the greater Tainan area.

The space on the first floor introduces the latest type of Porsche Platz exclusive VIP lounge area, providing software and hardware welcome reception services beyond the level of five-star hotels; the second floor creates VIP rest, boutique exhibitions, conference lectures, art appreciation, and private parties It is a complex multi-functional space for holding, enjoying music and movies....

Through the flexible adjustment mechanism of the modular space, the exhibition center can display up to 10 Porsche models, and is the first to provide dishes such as xiao long bao, chicken soup, beef noodles and other dishes of "Din Tai Fung", so that every visiting VIP can enjoy Taste the most authentic meals and delicacies as well as considerate service and hospitality.

The energy and quality of after-sales service that Porsche owners are most concerned about after delivery is also meticulously built with high standards that exceed the original factory certification. The service factory can provide maintenance and repair energy for more than 24 vehicles per day. Factory-standard top-level maintenance tools and equipment and complete auxiliary equipment.

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