In 2022, the global sales of electric vehicles will surge, and the market share will reach 10% for the first time.

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[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] According to the latest data, global electric vehicle sales will surge in 2022, with a market share of 10% for the first time, mainly driven by strong growth in China and Europe, and also affected by economic prospects, inflation and production disruptions The automotive market is in stark contrast.

The "Wall Street Journal" reported that according to preliminary research by LMC Automotive and, a research organization that tracks car sales, global sales of pure electric vehicles will be about 7.8 million in 2022, an increase of 68% over the previous (2021) year.

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While EVs still make up only a small portion of U.S. auto sales, they are becoming a larger share of the market in Europe and China, and as related technologies become mainstream, there will be a significant impact on local vehicles. The influence of the market is also growing.

BEVs accounted for 11 percent of total annual car sales in Europe and 19 percent in China, LMC data showed.

According to, the share of plug-in hybrids in Europe rose to 20.3 percent of total sales last year.

The United States still lags behind Europe and China in the transition to electric vehicles. Automakers sold 807,180 pure electric vehicles in the United States last year, and their market share rose to 5.8 percent from 3.2 percent in 2021.

In Germany, Europe's largest car market, electric vehicles will account for 25 percent of new car production in 2022, according to the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA).

In December, more electric cars were sold in Germany than conventional cars.

Overall new car sales fell about 1 percent to 80.6 million, LMC data showed, with growth of nearly 4 percent in China helping to offset declines of 8 percent and 7 percent in the U.S. and Europe, markets in those regions affected by a weak global economy, energy Soaring costs, disrupted supply chains and the fallout from the war in Ukraine.

According to a survey released by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM), a German think tank, Tesla (Tesla) ranks first in the sales of electric vehicles in the world, followed by BYD (BYD), SAIC and Volkswagen. Group (Volkswagen).

In terms of U.S. sales, Ford ranks second, followed by South Korea's Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia.

General Motors, Volkswagen and Nissan lost share of the U.S. EV market.

Although electric vehicles are beginning to show signs of mainstreaming around the world, analysts warn that it may be difficult to replicate last year's electric vehicles in 2023 as economic concerns weigh on consumers and some countries and regions cut or cancel subsidies for electric vehicles. Strong performance of the car.

Higher electricity prices after the Russian invasion of Ukraine also affected the attractiveness of electric vehicles compared with gasoline vehicles.

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