The central bank made a card to remind the public to take a second look to avoid receiving "imitation toy banknotes".

(Photo by reporter Chen Meiying)

[Reporter Chen Meiying/Taipei Report] Recently, the police have seized many fraudulent incidents of "imitation toy banknotes". The central bank held a meeting with the police and e-commerce companies today and reached three major conclusions. Clearly mark the toy banknotes so that the public can distinguish them at a glance.

E-commerce operators also promise to strengthen the product review mechanism to prevent sellers from selling imitation toy banknotes on e-commerce platforms.

As the end of the new year is approaching, merchants are entering the peak period of business. Recently, imitation toy banknotes are often used by criminals or speculators for shopping, with the intention of defrauding merchants while they are busy.

In order to prevent the circulation of such toy banknotes in the market, the central bank, together with the Criminal Police Department of the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior, invited domestic e-commerce companies to discuss countermeasures on this issue.

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Three major conclusions were reached during the meeting, including 1. In addition to strengthening the investigation work in the future, the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior will actively maintain close contact with financial institutions and businesses in the jurisdiction to jointly crack down on such illegal activities. Thank you for your dedication and contribution.

2. In addition to actively cooperating with the police to assist in the identification and investigation of imitation toy banknotes, the central bank also requires that toy banknotes sold must be clearly marked with toy banknotes on the banknote body so that the public can distinguish them at a glance.

Based on corporate social responsibility, e-commerce operators promise to strengthen the product review mechanism to prevent sellers from selling imitation toy banknotes on e-commerce platforms.

3. The central bank once again appeals to the public, in order to protect their own rights and interests, no matter what denomination of banknotes you receive, please take a closer look, and use the three simple principles of "look at", "touch", and "turn around" to avoid Received counterfeit or imitation toy bills.

Deng Yanda, Director of the Central Bank's Issuance Bureau, said that the so-called counterfeit banknotes imitate the characteristics of real banknotes and intend to make the appearance exactly the same as the real banknotes. The number of counterfeit banknotes on the market is very small, "almost the lowest in the world."

The general toy banknotes are mainly used as stationery, props or teaching. The appearance is obviously different from the real banknotes, and the warnings that can identify non-genuine banknotes are clearly marked, so the general public is not easy to confuse them.

The recently seized imitation toy banknotes are between counterfeit banknotes and toy banknotes. Their appearance, size, and color are similar to banknotes. The platform is so easy to obtain that it has recently been used by people with intentions to defraud.

Deng Yanda said, "This is already a new type of fraud." At present, e-commerce platforms also promise to strengthen product inspections. "Judicial law is the last line of defense." The most important thing is that the public should know how to protect themselves. Be vigilant. Although these imitation toy banknotes are not clearly marked, you can tell whether they are genuine banknotes and protect your rights with just one more glance.

The central bank once again reiterated that the law clearly stipulates that the crime of counterfeiting New Taiwan dollars will be severely punished. According to Article 3 of the "Regulations on the Punishment of Obstructing the National Currency", those who forge or alter currency notes are serious and shall be sentenced to life imprisonment or more than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment; According to Article 196 of the "Criminal Law of the Republic of China", the use of counterfeit or altered currency and banknotes is punishable by imprisonment for not less than 3 years but not more than 10 years. Please do not try your luck.

If the public finds counterfeit banknotes, please report them to the local police agencies. If a counterfeit case is detected, the bank will issue a bonus to the informant according to regulations.

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