The dual engines of Dianjin started, and the index rose by 102 points and reached 14,900 points (file photo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The four major U.S. stock indexes closed in the red last Friday. Taiwan stocks led the rise today with TSMC. Over a hundred points, reaching 14,960 points. However, dragged down by the shipping, tourism, textile, steel, glass and other industrial stocks, the index's gains converged. It ended up rising 102.88 points to close at 14,927.01 points, recovering 14,900 points, with a turnover of 149.7 billion yuan.

The transaction value of the top 10 rose more and fell less. TSMC continued to increase its size in legal persons, and the final price rose by 5 yuan to close at 505 yuan, with a transaction value of 17.214 billion yuan, ranking first; Materials-KY rose 20.5 yuan to close at 275 yuan, with a transaction value of 5.727 billion yuan Lamex rose 14 yuan to close at 244 yuan, ranking third with a transaction value of 3.628 billion yuan; Creative rose 23 yuan to close at 705 yuan, ranking 4th with a transaction value of 3.449 billion yuan; MediaTek rose 10 yuan, It closed at 704 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.408 billion yuan, ranking fifth.

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Xinxing rose 2 yuan to close at 128 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.363 billion yuan, ranking 6th; Yuanta Taiwan rose 0.9 yuan to close at 118.1 yuan at 50 yuan, with a transaction value of 3.258 billion yuan, ranking 7th; UMC fell 0.5 yuan to close at 44.9 yuan Yuan, with a transaction value of 3.047 billion yuan, ranking 8th; Dongge Yachting closed at a daily limit of 344 yuan, with a transaction value of 2.887 billion yuan, ranking 9th; Gaoli rose 7 yuan, closing at 187 yuan, with a transaction value of 2.673 billion yuan, ranking No. 10.

Wang Rongxu, CEO of Wanbao Investment Consulting Research Department, said that Taiwan stocks rose more than 100 points today following the rebound of U.S. stocks, trying to challenge the 10,000-five-thousand, but tomorrow is the lunar calendar. After all, Taiwan stocks will enter the longest Spring Festival holiday next, and the US financial reports will also be announced one after another, and the financial reports are very variable.

In terms of operation, it is recommended to see more and do less, and reduce the shareholding to 40-50%, and the shareholding part should be defensive or the stocks with a clear growth trend, such as biomedical, energy storage, aerospace stocks , As for electronic stocks with short-term gains, since the first quarter is an off-season and short-term gains are high, it is recommended to moderately reduce the price when the rebound is visible.

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