Chen Maoren, President of Taipei Xiaoying Friends Association, directors, supervisors, advisory group, Food Wise Taiwan Action Association, Wanhua District Chief, Taipei City Councilor Liu Yaoren, Wu Peiyi.

At the end of the year and the cold winter, in order to help the disadvantaged people have a good year, the Friends of Xiaoying in Taipei joined hands with public welfare groups and enthusiastic business owners from all walks of life to launch a cold winter warmth charity event, presenting people with food-saving lunch boxes, red envelopes and lucky bags, and will care for the poor. sent to every corner of society.

And I would like to wish everyone an early New Year in advance, and hope that everyone will have a happy and warm Lunar New Year.

Chen Maoren, president of the Taipei Xiaoying Friends Association, said that the Xiaoying Friends Association has always cared for the disadvantaged and spared no effort in public welfare. This time, we donated public welfare materials to 200 disadvantaged people in Wanhua District, Taipei City. In addition to fulfilling the social responsibility of the group , I hope to help President Tsai take care of more people in need.

There are many people in this society who need everyone's care. Apart from the government's efforts to improve social welfare policies, the people can also play a considerable role in joining hands with the government to strengthen the social safety net.

This is especially true during the transitional period affected by the epidemic. Just like this event, in addition to the strength of private enterprises and groups, we are also very grateful for the support of relevant agencies, representatives of public opinion and neighbors, and other social systems. Let us all do our part to take care of the vulnerable effort.

Chen Maoren, president of the Taipei Xiaoying Friends Association, personally handed over the Food Wise Bento to Limin.

Another feature of this event is that President Chen Maoren invited many business owners to the event site to jointly promote the concept of food wise, and then he personally delivered lunch boxes, red envelopes, lucky bags and other materials to deliver warmth to On the hands of the people, I wish every participating citizen a happy new year and at the same time feel the warmth of society.