After Ma Yun gave up control, the candidate for the party secretary of Ant Group has attracted much attention.

(Reuters, AFP, synthesized by this newspaper)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] After Ant Group "de-Ma Yun", the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission released a signal that the special rectification of the financial business of 14 platform companies including Ant has come to an end.

This shows that Xi Jinping has fully taken over the Alibaba Group and Ant Group. It is reported that the two companies have set up three party committee organizations, 25 secondary party organizations, and more than 150 party branches. Who will be the secretary of the Ant Party Committee is highly regarded. focus on.

After more than two years of rectification, the rectification of Ant Group's financial business has been basically completed. The "Huabei" and "Jiabei" originally operated by two microfinance companies have been moved to Chongqing Ant Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (Ant Consumer Finance); the payment business department The payment chain of the Alipay App has also been disconnected from the "Huabei" and "Jiebei" credit products, and has joined the digital RMB acceptance network.

The scale of Yu'e Bao in the wealth management business and the "broken direct connection" in the credit investigation business continued to decline.

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At present, Alipay has emptied the Internet deposit products on the platform, and the insurance business has also removed the hot-selling Internet personal insurance products.

In addition to the rectification of the business, the corporate governance level has also been severely repaired. The founder Jack Ma has lost the actual controller. Jack Ma previously had more than 50% of the voting rights in Ant Group. to 6.2%.

After the rectification came to an end, Ant’s profits dropped significantly.

Chinese media Caixin estimates based on Alibaba’s financial report that Ant Group’s net profit in the first quarter of 2022 will be about 11.264 billion yuan, an annual decrease of 17.29% and a quarterly decrease of 48.91%.

The next focus is the candidate for the secretary of the Ant Party Committee. According to Caixin, Ali Group and Ant Group have established three party committees, including the Alibaba Group Party Committee, the Ant Group Party Committee, and the Alibaba Group Headquarters Party Committee. There are 25 secondary party organizations, More than 150 party branches.

The aforementioned signs show that Xi Jinping has fully taken over the two major groups of Alibaba and Ant.

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