Russian media reported that Intel quietly returned to the Russian market and unblocked software downloads, but Intel denied it.

(Schematic, Bloomberg)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] According to Russian media reports, Intel (Intel) and Microsoft (Microsoft) have quietly returned to the Russian market. From January 11, local users can download Intel drivers and software from Google and Yandex search engines. Also re-enable Windows 11 automatic updates.

The world-renowned hardware website "Tom's Hardware" disclosed that several Russian media said that after the US sanctions, users in Russia and Belarus could not download Intel software, and now they have resumed downloading drivers and software in Russia.

Microsoft has also re-enabled Windows 11 automatic updates for Russian users.

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Russian media pointed out that from January 11, 2023, Intel's download window can be accessed without spoofing IP, but it must be through Yandex or Google, because Intel's main Russian website is still blocked.

Intel does not allow direct downloads of drivers without first registering and creating a file on Intel's Russian website, nor from Russian IP addresses, the outlet said.

In this regard, an Intel spokesperson said that there has been no change in the company's operations recently. Since February and March last year, Intel has suspended shipments to customers in Russia and Belarus respectively, and announced the suspension of business in Russia in April last year.

At the same time, it will continue to abide by the sanctions and export controls issued by the United States and its allies against Russia and Belarus.

Microsoft declined to comment.

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