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Saudi Arabia is interested in the construction of a cargo airport in Bulgaria, specifically in Uzundzhovo, declared on BNT the Acting Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov

Nikola Stoyanov was born in 1976 in Sofia.

Graduated in Law at Sofia University.

A day ago, he returned from a visit to Saudi Arabia, where he was with other cabinet ministers and a business delegation.

Because of the war in Ukraine, the air supply corridors in Europe are shifting, Stoyanov said.

Therefore, Bulgaria is currently a good point for a cargo airport, and Uzundzhovo is conveniently located - a few kilometers from the highway, easily accessible, he explained.

Nikola Stoyanov

Nikola Stoyanov was born in 1976 in Sofia.

He is graduating in Law at the University of Sofia and also said that Saudi Arabia has a serious investment interest in the dairy industry.

It is about a joint investment in the construction of a dairy farm in Bulgaria in partnership with the Bulgarian company "LB Bulgaricum".

There is a potential for such a farm to become the largest in the country and the region, and to export produce for the needs of the entire Persian Gulf, explained Stoyanov.

Through this investment, we will ensure serious production to satisfy all markets in Saudi Arabia, added Stoyanov.

Minister Stoyanov also announced that soon a large delegation from Saudi Arabia will visit Bulgaria, an agreement is being worked on to protect investments between the two countries, there will also be an agreement between the ministries of economy of the two countries, and a meeting of an intergovernmental commission is planned.

In a week or two, the Acting Minister of Energy, Rosen Hristov, will visit Saudi Arabia.

KNSB: In the renegotiation of the Plan, a 40% reduction in emissions should not exist

It will be difficult, but it will not be impossible - this is how Minister Stoyanov answered the question of whether it is possible for Bulgaria to open and renegotiate chapters of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

Earlier this week, the National Assembly obliged the government to renegotiate the Recovery Plan in the part related to reducing harmful emissions and closing coal plants.

Stoyanov supports the parliament's decision, but comments that it is not good for us as a country "to change our minds in a few months".

At this moment, when there is no economy without energy, we cannot afford to close these plants.

There is an energy crisis in all of Europe and this makes many companies look at Bulgaria, it would be inexpedient to close them down, believes Stoyanov.

The MPs decided: the Cabinet will renegotiate the PVU in the "Energy" part

The minister predicts that inflation rates will calm down by April this year.

and can be reduced to a single digit number.

My prediction is that inflation will go down, our ambitions are for it to be a single-digit number by April, which is also a condition for entering the Eurozone, he explained.

Within a week or two, the official cabinet will announce the new energy benefits in the form of vouchers and cards for BDZ and use of public transport, Stoyanov said.

Nikola Stoyanov

coal plants