The cabinet shopping center made a profit of 1 billion yuan last year. Director Chen Yongcheng said that there are still many international variables this year, and there is no reason for pessimism.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Huiwen)

[Reporter Zhang Huiwen/Taipei Report] Due to the proper control of the domestic epidemic situation, the OTC buying index closed at 180.34 points last year. Although it fell 24.08% from the previous year, the average daily turnover of OTC stocks reached 60.482 billion yuan, which is still the second highest in history, and the profit is about 1 billion yuan, also set a new high record; chairman Chen Yongcheng pointed out that there are still many international variables this year, but there is no reason to be pessimistic. 2 more), and 45 emerging companies listed on the market (the same as last year).

Chen Yongcheng said that the profit of 1 billion yuan last year was the next highest record. As for the highest profit record was the year before last, about 1.7 billion yuan. However, the proportion of foreign capital transactions last year reached 20.47%, an increase of 17% from the previous year, setting a record high. Under the violent fluctuations in the global stock market and foreign exchange market, the performance of the OTC market can be described as stable.

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Last year, the number of companies that applied for OTC listing and registered OTC listings were 22 and 67 respectively (including 12 companies that applied for registration on the strategic new board), both of which reached the original target of the OTC shopping center; as for this year, the target number of OTC listing companies is 24 There are 45 listed companies in Xinggui, and Chen Yongcheng also said that although it is a "high standard", he still hopes to successfully meet the standard this year.

As for bonds, the issuance of sustainable development bonds reached a new high of 112.247 billion yuan (44 tranches), and the outstanding balance was 363.334 billion yuan (126 tranches); a total of 146 international bonds were issued throughout the year, with a total issuance amount of about 496.153 billion yuan (17.406 billion U.S. dollars), including 4 tranches of structured international bonds of 58.3 million U.S. dollars. At the end of last year, there were a total of 872 tranches in circulation, and the outstanding balance reached 207.97 billion U.S. dollars.

In addition, last year, the number of bond ETF listings was 81, and the issuance scale reached 1.19 trillion yuan. The number of listings and issuance scale ranked first among the major stock exchanges in Asia and Australia, and ranked first among the major stock exchanges in the world. The 7th place, handed in a brilliant report card.

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