Everyone has a dream of living in Taipei City, and Taipei has become the first choice for people to buy a house because of its advantages such as a prosperous business district, convenient transportation, good school districts, and price preservation. To deter salaried families who have the dream of buying a house, returning to realistic considerations, housing prices are still the key factor affecting the transaction, especially for self-occupied buyers.

Love to live close to Beishi, but also hope that housing prices can be affordable, is it true that young first-time homebuyers have little chance?

Experts are optimistic and suggest that if you look for properties in the periphery of the core area of ​​Taipei, you will definitely be able to buy a house with a reasonable price. If you know the value, you can find a house in an area with less supply, such as an old urban area with a well-developed business district. You can buy the subject matter with both value preservation and value appreciation.

Xinyi Nangang area across the bridge Xizhi saves house prices

How to find the target object?

Expert demonstrations were found from the outskirts of the Xinyi District that everyone dreams of. The area separated by a bridge is Xizhi, and next to Xizhi is the Nangang and Neihu Districts that belong to the high-priced housing estates. The 2 million club Xinyi District is full of luxury houses, and Nangang is closely following. According to real-price registration data of the index luxury house "Pearl of the Orient", the average annual transaction price is 1,565,800, and the highest price in history is 1,862,000. They also stand firmly at the beginning of the 9-digit number, and both of them are eager to chase the million-dollar house price. For the first-time buyers, the taillights of the house price are no longer visible.

Taipei City has a lot of land and a lot of money, coupled with the low number of proposed cases, Nansoft and internal medicine employment population constitute a wave of strong buying. These two districts not only have high housing prices and low supply, but also the high living needs of the technological elite are difficult to meet. This stock The strong rigidity took advantage of the trend to squeeze the buying to Xizhi, gradually pushing up the price of Xizhi.

Recently, the "Baoya New Mansion", which broke the latest record of Xizhi's house price, is said to have stabilized the transaction price of high-rise households in the early 60s. The pre-sale case launched by Hongsheng Construction will be released after the Lunar New Year. The unit price is no less than " The 6 prefix of "Baoya New Mansion" is estimated to have a chance to offer a higher price than "Baoya New Mansion". Experts predict that the rise in housing prices in Xizhi will become a future trend, but on the whole, it is comparable to Xinyi and the gateway to the Eastern District- Compared with Neihu in Nangang, Xizhi's house price is indeed more economical.

Xizhi Zhongxing Road’s only proposal is highly rare

Buyers who love Xizhi, in order to seize the best opportunity to buy a house, have seized the opportunity to buy a house. Since Xizhi is developed early, there are few opportunities to obtain a piece of prime land. The project is also located at the intersection of the bustling Zhongxing Road and Kangning Street business district. It is invested and constructed by Lijin Organization-Dinghe Construction. The district has not launched a new case for many years, and the rarity of the object has created a high value preservation. It is estimated that the publicity of the case will have the opportunity to promote another wave of buying.

Experts suggest that commuting time to and from get off work is ideal within 20 minutes. For first-time homebuyers with limited housing costs, carefully selecting the location and housing price is the most critical, but traffic time is also very important. I like the life functions of Taipei City and do not want to get rid of it. Buying a new town in Taipei City, in order to live in Taipei City without eating or drinking for more than 20 years, without quality of life, it is better to live "near" Taipei City, where Xinyi A-level commercial financial center, internal medicine and Nansoft Xizhi, which is closely surrounded, is the first choice. The distance is about 10 minutes by car. The house price is very different. Compared with the one-million-dollar house price in Taipei City, the house price of Xizhi per ping directly saves 1/2 of the price, and enjoys extremely prosperous functions. For self-residents, spending a little more time in traffic can be the first choice for self-residents.