Foreign capital has bought nearly 50,000 pieces of TSMC today.


[Reporter Hong Youfang/Hsinchu Report] The three major corporations bought a total of 34.958 billion yuan in Taiwan stocks today, of which foreign capital bought the most 30.672 billion yuan, driving Taiwan stocks to close at 14824.13 points today, an increase of 92.49 points or 0.63%. The crown of buying super is TSMC, with more than 49,000, which is the trading day with the largest amount of buying since the opening of the red market this year. In addition, investment trust and self-employed traders also bought 1,199 and 517 super TSMC respectively. The total of the three major legal persons today Buy more than 50,000 pieces from TSMC.

TSMC said yesterday that the first half of this year will decline compared to the same period last year. After the first half of the year, it will resume growth in the second half of the year. The annual revenue will only grow slightly, which is better than the average decline in the overall industry. It is in line with the market It is expected that the cooling of U.S. inflation will encourage U.S. stocks to rise together, driving TSMC’s ADR to rise by more than 6%, encouraging TSMC’s stock price to rise instead of falling. The highest intraday price was 509 yuan, an increase of more than 4.5%, and finally closed at 500 yuan, an increase of 13.5 yuan , the trading volume was 77,500 pieces, the first time in nearly 4 months, and returned to the 500 yuan mark. If there is no strong rise in TSMC, the market will fall.

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The top 10 stocks bought by foreign investors also include Shin Kong Gold, Yuanta CSI 300 2, China Airlines, Yuanta Taiwan 50, EVA Air, Sinosteel, UMC, Taiwan Enterprise Bank, and Taixin Gold.

UMC’s law will appear next Monday. It is expected that the first half of this year’s operations will also show a downward trend, and it is expected to recover in the second half of the year. Foreign investors have bought UMC 6 consecutively. Today, they bought more than 7,025, and the investment letter bought more than 5,073. 135, the three major legal persons bought more than 12,200 in total, driving UMC’s share price to close at 45.4 yuan, up 0.25 yuan, or 0.55%, and continued to stand above 45 yuan.

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