The central bank has produced charts to remind the public that toy counterfeit banknotes are poorly made and can be identified with just one more glance.

(Photo by reporter Chen Meiying)

[Reporter Chen Meiying/Taipei Report] Recently, the police arrested many suspects who bought low-quality toy banknotes online, and used counterfeit banknotes while the stalls were busy. , according to the central bank's 3 inspection steps, you can easily distinguish the authenticity.

These three inspection steps are "look at it": see through the light, you can see the watermark in the blank space of the banknote, 100 yuan is a plum blossom, and 1000 yuan is a chrysanthemum.

Viewed at a 15-degree angle, the pattern on the lower right corner of the front of the banknote will appear with a denomination number of "100" or "1000".

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The next step is to "touch" with your hands, touching the numbers and characters on the front of the banknotes, and you can feel the ink lines protruding from the paper.

The third step is "Turn around", turn the banknote lightly, the "100" or "1000" denomination number in the lower left corner of the front will change color; The shaped foil film and the back window-type security line present colorful light and shadow changing effects.

Central bank officials pointed out that the toy counterfeit banknotes seized so far are not only produced by photocopying or printing, but also do not have watermarks, hidden characters, light-turning will not change color, strip foil film has no light and shadow change effect, and there is no ink embossed touch. feel.

The most important thing is that there are words such as "Toy Printing Factory", "Magic Printing Factory", "Teaching Printing Factory", "Magic Bank" or "Toy Banknote" printed on it. In seconds, you can identify whether you have received genuine banknotes.

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