The Council of Agriculture joined hands with Quanlian to set up a special area for direct delivery from the origin at a low price and anti-inflation in all stores in this channel. Chen Jizhong (left), the chairman of the committee, and Lin Minxiong, chairman of Quanlian, both attended.

(Photo by reporter Yang Yuanting)

[Reporter Yang Yuanting/Taipei Report] In order to allow the public to buy affordable agricultural products, the Council of Agriculture and the National Union of Agriculture have joined hands today (12th) to set up special areas for cheap and anti-inflation at more than 1,100 stores in the channel before the Spring Festival. People often buy Domestic cabbage, carrots, lettuce, Taiwan sea bream back meat, chicken breast, pork, milk, some leafy vegetables, rice, etc. are all 10% to 30% cheaper, and will be launched in 200 stores in the six capitals of this channel in the future. The 60 yuan happy meal box will push at least 2 million copies.

Affected by the Ukrainian-Russian War, inflation, etc., the price of raw materials has soared, and the prices of end-user livelihoods have also skyrocketed. Chen Jizhong, Chairman of the Council of Agriculture, and Lin Minxiong, Chairman of the All-China Union, jointly announced today that they will set up a parity and anti-inflation zone on all channels of the All-China Federation of Taiwan. .

Chen Jizhong said that the items in the parity zone will change with the seasons. Now they supply cabbage, white radish, rice, long-lasting milk, chicken, Taiwan sea bream, pork and other agricultural products that consumers often buy. Therefore, the reason for the parity is that it comes from the direct delivery from the origin, eliminating the cost of intermediate channels, so it will not affect the origin price of agricultural products, and said that the parity anti-inflation zone will continue to be established during the period of high prices, and also said that with the establishment of the parity zone in the whole union After that, it is believed that more channels will be set up accordingly.

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Chen Jizhong also said that he will cooperate with Quanlian to launch a happy meal box that only costs 60 yuan, and the supply is expected to exceed 2 million copies. After the budget is approved by the Legislative Yuan, the supply will be expanded, and the supply is expected to last for one year.

Lin Minxiong said that he would definitely cooperate with the policy of the Council of Agriculture. He said that although the happiness lunch box has a negative gross profit, "the chairman advocates, and I endorse it here!"

Quanlian spokesman Liu Hongzheng said that the current plan is to sell happiness meal boxes in 100 to 200 outlets located in Liudu. They will provide consumers with economical lunch boxes, and the main dishes will still be made in China. Mainly aquatic products.

In addition to setting up a special area for anti-inflation, Quanlian will also launch promotional activities such as "Wednesday Family Day", "Weekend Grocery Shopping Day", and "Limited Buy One Get One Free on Weekends" at various times. Discounts on designated days, such as the original price of 78 yuan for cabbage, which is only 68 yuan from January 13 to 15, which is 14 yuan cheaper; the original price of production and sales history carrots is 46 yuan, which is only 36 yuan from January 13 to 21, which is 27% cheaper ; the original price of 98 yuan for skinless native chicken breast is only 75 yuan during the period from 14th to 15th, which is 30% cheaper; rice, which is eaten every day, offers a buy 1 get 1 free discount on certain brands.

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