If the partnership is successful, Google may have direct access to Porsche's car data.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] According to sources on Thursday (12th), Porsche is considering fully integrating Google software into car driving, which will allow Porsche customers to access the car without connecting the car to an Android (Android) phone. Google apps like Google Maps and Google Assistant.

"Reuters" reported that it is reported that the deal is limited to the Porsche brand and does not include the entire Volkswagen Group.

Porsche and Google were not immediately available for comment, while a spokesman for Cariad, Volkswagen's software unit, declined to comment.

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As software becomes an integral part of car design, tech companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon are vying to dominate the dashboard inside the car.

According to Executive Magazine, which first reported, Porsche had been reluctant to use Google's software because of Google's requirement to share too much data.

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