Acer Zhitong focuses on "smart parking and charging piles" to further expand the domestic service field.

(Provided by Acer Zhitong)

[Reporter Fang Weijie/Taipei Report] PC brand manufacturer Acer (2353)'s Xiao Jinhu continues to inject profits into the group. Acer Zhitong focuses on "smart parking and charging piles" to further expand domestic service areas, and selects 6 smart parking spaces in Tainan to integrate charging functions. In the future, it will continue to lock in the rigid charging demand derived from the rise of electric vehicles.

The expansion of smart on-street parking in Tainan City. Since January 2 this year, 489 new smart parking spaces have been built, including the Quiren High Speed ​​Rail Special Zone, East District, Central and West District and other parking hotspots. The grid is located in Jianye Street, West Central District, Parking 5 Parking Lot and Parking 8 Parking Lot in the Quy Nhon High Speed ​​Rail Special Zone.

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You Mingfeng, general manager of Acer Zhitong, said that before the rise of the electric vehicle trend, Acer planned and integrated the rigid demand for "parking and charging" of pure electric vehicles, and took the lead in launching smart parking and charging piles. It can be plugged and played, which solves the pain point that car owners need to download and bind different APPs to use charging services.

In order to provide a safer on-street parking and charging environment, the Tainan City Government appeals to the public to park close to the sidewalk when charging, and not to cross the trough line. In addition, it also appeals to car owners to show their public morality and not let the charging cable affect other users. Passers-by, so as not to cause road traffic hazards.

The Executive Yuan announced Taiwan’s 2050 net-zero carbon emission policy last year. Among them, “electrification of transport” is an important indicator. The increase in the number of pure electric vehicles must be supported by sufficient infrastructure such as charging piles. Acer Group will join the “RE100 Initiative” in 2021. Acer Zhitong is now planning to continue to promote the successful experience of smart parking and charging to other counties and cities, assisting the sustainable goal of net zero carbon emissions.

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