Digital Development Minister Tang Feng visited Lithuania on the 9th.

(Photo by reporter Xu Ziling)

[Reporter Xu Ziling/Taipei Report] Digital Development Minister Tang Feng visited Lithuania on the 9th, which was her first visit abroad after taking office.

During this trip, Tang Feng will give a speech at the "Free Digital Democracy Dialogue" (Free Digital Democracy Dialogue, F3D) forum on January 12, sharing Taiwan's digital democracy experience and the vision of "Free the Future" of the Digital Department.

According to the Department of Digital Technology, Tang Feng will also meet with Lithuanian government officials and members of parliament during this trip to exchange views on satellite technology, digital government services, open data, information security, and financial technology.

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The Digital Department pointed out that the F3D forum that Tang Feng is scheduled to attend is jointly organized by the School of International Relations and Politics of Vilnius University in Lithuania, the education and training institution "Go Forward Academy" (Go Forward Academy) and the Digital Department. Discussion modes in various fields such as industry, information security, and law, to jointly explore issues such as the possible development, challenges, and coping methods of a democratic and free society in the face of rapid development of digital technology.

Tang Feng attended the dialogue and will share Taiwan's digital democracy model in the meeting, demonstrating our country's determination to defend democracy and maintain peace with international partners through digital technology.

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