Export Performance of Asian Neighboring Countries in 2022

Annual increase of 7.4%, ranking second among the four Asian tigers

Taiwan's export statistics in the past 10 years

[Reporter Zheng Qifang/Taipei Report] The Ministry of Finance announced the export of 357 in December last year.

500 million US dollars, a 20-month low, an annual decrease of 12.

1%, negative growth for four consecutive months; cumulative exports last year were 4795.

200 million US dollars, a record high, with an annual increase of 7.


Cai Meina, Director of the Statistics Department of the Ministry of Finance, said that the global economic momentum has slowed down significantly, and the number of working days in January is less. It is estimated that exports in January will be 30.4 billion to 32 billion US dollars, an annual decrease of 24% to 20%. Factor interference is quite large.

Statistics of Taiwan's exports in the past year

Exports in December even had negative growth in January

According to statistics, exports in December decreased by one month.

One percent, minus twelve per year.

1%, and exports in the fourth quarter decreased by 8.

6%, a difference of 5.8 billion U.S. dollars from the predicted value of the Accounting and General Office; last year, exports increased by 7.5%.

4%, the growth rate ranks second among the four Asian tigers, second only to Singapore.

Imports in December were 309.

600 million U.S. dollars, with a monthly reduction of 5.

Three percent, minus eleven per year.

4%; last year's imports were 427.6 billion US dollars, a record high, with an annual increase of 11.


Exports and imports are balanced, and last year's output exceeded 519.

200 million U.S. dollars, an annual decrease of 1.24.

$900 million.

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Cai Meina pointed out that the value of imports and exports in December fell to a 20-month low. There are five main reasons, including: inflation and interest rate hikes impede the vitality of the global economy, the expansion of the epidemic in China interferes with production and sales, inventory adjustment due to stagnant end demand, and original The decline in material prices affects manufacturers' import of materials and the high base period.

She said that in December, exports to the five major markets fell simultaneously, the first time in nearly seven years, and exports to China and Hong Kong fell by 16.

Four percent was the worst, having fallen even in May.

Among the eleven major cargo categories, exports in December fell across the board, and electronic components and components decreased by one year.

4%, mainly due to the inventory adjustment of end customers, and the impact of the epidemic in China on production, which weakened the force of purchases; and the import of electronic components weakened in May, the worst decline in nearly 14 years, and exports may not rebound significantly in the short term.

The export of information communication and audio-visual products will be reduced by ten years.

7%, the weakest in more than six and a half years; plastics and rubber, optical equipment, chemicals, basic metals, etc. also decreased by 20 to 30% annually.

She said that due to the buoyant export of integrated circuits, the export value reached its peak in the second quarter of last year; but as the global economy slowed down, it decreased by eight in the fourth quarter.

6%, ending nine consecutive quarters of growth, and exports in the second half of the year were lower than in the first half of the year, the first time in seven years.

However, last year, both exports and imports hit record highs, and the export value of six categories of goods and the four major markets reached new highs; among them, the export of electronic components exceeded US$200 billion for the first time, accounting for more than 40%, and exports increased by 331% last year.

500 million US dollars, electronic components increased by 2.81.

400 million US dollars, contributing about 85%.

Exports to China and Hong Kong reduce the proportion of exports to the United States to a new high in 18 years

In addition, last year's export to the United States exceeded 29.4 billion US dollars to rewrite the historical record, and the export to China and Hong Kong decreased by one.

6% is alone, and the export territory has obviously increased and decreased, and the proportion of exports to the United States has risen to 15.

Seven percent, an 18-year high, fell to 38 for China and Hong Kong.

8%, an 18-year low.

Cai Mei-na pointed out that the global economy is full of noise, and the supply chain inventory adjustment does not seem to be over yet. Most of the industry thinks that it will be adjusted to the second quarter. In addition, China may experience another wave of epidemic peaks after the Spring Festival, which will affect the supply chain and consumption. Kinetic energy, the Accounting and General Office predicts that exports in the first quarter will decrease by five years.

5%, which may be revised down in February.

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