Taiwan research institutions predict that China may lose its dominant position as an Apple manufacturing center.

(Associated Press)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] With the advent of the wave of de-sinification, Taiwan research firm DigiTimes Research analyst Luke Lin predicts that India and Vietnam will become the biggest beneficiaries of the de-sinification of smartphones.

He estimates that India will produce 45-50% of Apple's iPhones by 2027, on par with China.

This means that within five years, the proportion of iPhones made in India will rise sharply from less than 5%, while the proportion in China will drop significantly from 80-85%.

The South China Morning Post reported that Luke Lin, an analyst at DigiTimes Research, believes that due to the continued decoupling of the United States and China, coupled with the uncertainty of China's epidemic control, in order to spread risks, China may lose its dominant position as an Apple manufacturing center. India and Vietnam are expected to Become the biggest beneficiary of Apple's supply chain moving out of China.

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Lin said that although India's assembly capacity accounts for 10-15% of the overall iPhone production capacity by the end of 2022, the actual output is even less than 5%, mainly because Pegatron started trial production after September, and Wistron's production line for Apple has not yet reached its maximum utilization rate.

However, with the accelerated transfer of the fruit chain to India, by 2027, India will produce 45-50% of Apple's iPhones, which is comparable to China.

The DigiTimes Research report also pointed out that Samsung's smartphone production in China is expected to be terminated in the next five years, because by 2027, Samsung's assembly proportion in Vietnam will be close to 35% to 40%, and the proportion in India will also reach 40%. % to 45%.

DigiTimes pointed out that by 2027, the combined manufacturing capacity of smartphone brands other than Apple and Samsung in China will drop by 50%, down from 70% in 2023.

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