Giant, a bicycle brand owned by Juju Group, reported that it asked its suppliers to withdraw from Taiwan. Juju refuted it today, emphasizing that there is no such thing at all.


[Central News Agency] Foreign news reports that the cross-strait situation is heating up. The giant bicycle brand Giant, a subsidiary of Jujug Group, has reported that it has asked suppliers to withdraw from Taiwan. Huge today refuted the wrong message. There is no such thing at all.

According to the "Daily Telegraph" report, Brompton, Britain's largest bicycle, is worried about China's growing military threat to Taiwan and has announced plans to reduce its dependence on parts from China and Taiwan.

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Brompton CEO Butler-Adams (Will Butler-Adams) mentioned that Giant, the world's largest bicycle brand, also requested its supply chain to withdraw from Taiwan within two years.

He also said that Giant hopes that suppliers will set up subsidiaries in Thailand or Vietnam.

Jugend spokesman Li Shugeng said in a telephone interview that Brompton has nothing to do with Juggernaut or Giant, nor is it a supplier, and he doesn’t know why he released the wrong message; Jugend didn’t set up a foothold in Thailand at all, and Vietnam just set up a factory, which is a latecomer. Know the source of this error message.

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