According to the statistics of the Financial Supervisory Commission, the net remittance of foreign capital last year was nearly 420 billion yuan, the highest record in history.

(Photo by reporter Wang Menglun)

[Reporter Wang Menglun/Taipei Report] The Financial Supervisory Commission announced statistics today that the cumulative net remittances of foreign-funded legal persons from January to December 2022 reached US$13.564 billion; if calculated at today’s exchange rate, it is equivalent to about NT$416.2 billion, the largest in a single year in history. Net remittance amount.

The so-called "net remittance inward and outward" of foreign capital refers to the situation of remittance of funds into or out of Taiwan. If the remittance of funds is more than the amount of remittance, it is a net remittance; If there are more oversells than overbuys, it is a net oversell.

The above two are important observation indicators for foreign investment.

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First of all, in a single month the net foreign investment status.

According to the Securities and Futures Bureau of the Financial Supervisory Commission, the net remittance of foreign capital in December last year was 780 million US dollars, compared with the massive remittance of 9.22 billion US dollars in November, there is a big gap between the two single months.

In this regard, Huang Houming, chief secretary of the Securities and Futures Bureau, said that the main reason is that the US Federal Reserve's views on inflation have caused hidden worries in the market, and domestic companies have different views on the industrial prosperity, making foreign capital operations conservative. Therefore, last December Failed to maintain net inward remittance, but turned into net remittance.

Secondly, if you look at the performance of foreign capital throughout the year, foreign capital is even more relentless. Last year, they remitted a large amount of funds out of Taiwan, with an amount as high as US$13.564 billion, equivalent to nearly NT$420 billion. This is also the largest withdrawal of foreign capital from the Taiwan market in history. .

Huang Houming believes that there are three main reasons. First, the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war last year caused turbulence to the market. Second, the Federal Reserve was hawkish and adopted violent interest rate hikes. Countries followed suit. Third, fluctuations in the Taiwan dollar affected investors’ confidence in Taiwan stocks. , making foreign capital turn conservative in operation.

In addition, from the perspective of overselling Taiwan stocks, foreign capital sold over Taiwan stocks on a large scale last year, with an amount as high as 1.23 trillion yuan, which is also a record high.

Looking ahead, officials from the Securities and Futures Bureau emphasized that Taiwan stocks are still attractive to foreign investors, including: Foreign investors have always been optimistic about the yield rate of Taiwan stocks. Although the United States raised interest rates last year, which had some competitive crowding out of funds, Taiwan stocks accounted for about 5.3%. Yields are still pretty good and there are incentives.

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