In the name of a government agency, the Digital Development Department joined the "World Wide Web Association".

(provided by the digital department)

[Reporter Xu Ziling/Taipei Report] In January this year, the Ministry of Digital Development, in the name of a government agency (Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan), joined the international organization "World Wide Web Association" that sets global Internet standards and became a full member. In the future, it will also represent Taiwan actively participates in the formulation of international Internet standards.

The Ministry of Digital Technology pointed out that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), also known as the W3C Council, was established in 1994 and is the main international standard organization for the global information network. Common standards for the road, so that the World Wide Web technology standardization.

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W3C released the first version of the Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) specification in July 2022. It is hoped that when discussing the development of related technologies such as web3 and the multiverse in the world, the "portability" of each network platform can be gradually achieved. Code Interoperability" service allows users to have the opportunity to escape the network barriers of the current large cross-border platforms. Through the verification standards based on personal needs, anyone can freely choose the most suitable creation environment and fully exercise their data rights.

The Digital Department serves as the coordinating agency for digital information policy in my country. One of the key tasks is to participate in the formulation of various network policies and standards through the cooperation of multinational organizations, including the establishment of information circulation and digital verification mechanisms for new-generation network services in the future. , in order to safeguard Taiwan's interests in the field of digital networks.

Therefore, after several rounds of negotiations, the Digital Department officially joined W3C. Not only can it obtain first-hand information on the drafts of various standards, but it will also collect needs from all walks of life in the country. Through W3C, it will continue to discuss and revise the subsequent versions of DIDs with other countries to help my country care about the Internet. People from all walks of life on the road to technological development have obtained technological development opportunities.

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