Renault and Nissan are restructuring their alliance partnership.


[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report] The French automaker Renault and the Chinese automaker Geely reached a consensus in November 2022 to establish a 50/50 joint venture "Horse (tentative name)" as its brand Gasoline engines and hybrid technology are available.

The latest news pointed out that Nissan, which formed an alliance with Renault, will restrict Horse from using the group's joint patents to prevent technology outflow.

"Nikkei Chinese Network" reported that Renault and Nissan are currently discussing the adjustment of the shareholding ratio of the two parties, and the negotiation of joint intellectual property rights is one of the focuses.

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According to the report, Geely will invest 50% in Horse, while Nissan will not.

Nissan's business is mainly in the United States, China and Japan, while Renault's is in Europe. There is no market conflict between the two parties, but Horse's business will be oriented to 130 countries, and it will mainly develop the US and Chinese markets.

Renault once expressed to Nissan that it hoped to use the group's joint patents in the product development of the new company, but in order to prevent competition with the new company and technology outflow, Nissan refused the new company's use of the group's joint patents on products provided to the United States and China , which can be used in places such as Europe and the Middle East, but requires Nissan's consent.

Nissan executives said Renault had agreed.

Renault did not comment on intellectual property issues and did not make a specific response.

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